New strength on the Reece Board

The Reece Group

02 August 2017

Reece has appointed two new members to the board who have built extraordinary careers in business, marketing and management. Both Megan Quinn and Georgina Williams (pictured below) have held executive and board roles at large international organisations, bringing a wealth of experience to help us grow our business in the digital age through customer experience.

Megan Quinn is best known as the co-founder of the pioneer online luxury retailer NET-A-PORTER, a venture she started after moving to London for Mojo Advertising. She says she learned the importance of thinking internationally through that experience. "It helped me realise that Australia has to keep working harder and keep innovating, not just take things for granted because it's so much harder to play catch-up later."

Georgie stresses the importance of diversity in thinking. "I think our role on the board is to test the thinking of the organisation, not necessarily to change it. If the board is there to change the thinking, you've got a problem. We're there to make sure the rigour is there.

"I like helping organisations find different ways to grow and maintain culture. I look forward to doing the same with Reece."