Your career development


89% of Stockland employees say they are doing something they consider really worthwhile in their job.

'Our Voice' Employee Survey, 2015

At Stockland we are committed to investing in our people and working with them to grow their careers. We encourage our people to take responsibility for their learning and professional development.

Our managers play an important role in supporting their people to take advantage of the formal training and on-the-job opportunities within Stockland. This is formalised through our performance management process and reinforced by ongoing coaching and mentoring by our managers.

Our investment in learning starts with our orientation program that brings our new employees together for a two day overview of working at Stockland, delivered by our senior executives and includes a tour of several Stockland properties to accelerate their understanding of our diversified business.

As our people progress through their careers, we offer a range of learning opportunities to support the development of their technical expertise, their interpersonal skills, management and leadership capability.

We encourage internal promotions and transfers across our businesses. To help people understand the career opportunities across our business we utilise the '3 in 3 program'. This initiative encourages cross-company experience for Stockland employees. A 3 in 3 program placement provides structured professional learning through time spent with an experienced employee in another part of Stockland. It gives people a taste of "a day in the life of a colleague", which helps the participant evaluate future career options.

Finally, we recognise many organisations offer learning opportunities, so at Stockland we monitor closely - via the annual 'Our Voice' employee survey - how our people value their learning experience. We are proud that our people's feedback on our training and learning has improved each year over the past five years.