The Future for Legal Talent

Peerpoint by Allen & Overy

Peerpoint surveyed over 1,000 in-house, private practice and consultant lawyers on issues such as how they define success, career expectations, motivations and the legal industry's future. The results provoke significant questions and offer insight for decision makers in the context of a changing landscape.

The findings offer a unique insight into the views of lawyers at the coal face of pervasive industry change and provide meaningful feedback on what the really pressing issues are for both lawyers and organisations.

Key findings:

  • Achieving a fulfilling work/life balance is the single most important criterion which lawyers identify for career success.
  • Lawyers are optimistic about the future, but worried they are not prepared for change.
  • Consulting has entered the mainstream.
  • There is a satisfaction gap for lawyers between their love of the law and the career path options available to them.

To read more, download the full report here.