Be part of the family

Northrop Consulting Engineers

At Northrop, we’re a family. We’re inclusive. We’re diverse. We want everyone who joins us to fulfil their potential, and we help, coax and sometimes push each other to achieve exactly that. Just as good families do.

We’ve got each other’s backs, and everyone is comfortable and happy being themselves. Northrop is a home for high performers, but there’s no pretense and little politics. We engage with each other and do great work together.

The business is owned by our senior people, who work among us and set the tone for our open and nurturing culture.

Being employee owned means we decide what is important, which markets to work in, who to work with, what opportunities to harness, and which risks to take.

It’s all on us. When we succeed, we benefit – not some investor sitting on a beach. We’ve got skin in the game and we care deeply.