Raising Domestic Violence Awareness: IWD at Nielsen


This year our International Women's Day focus at Nielsen was on raising domestic violence awareness. We welcomed guest speakers from White Ribbon to our local offices in Auckland, Sydney, Wellington and Melbourne, where we were able to ask questions and learn more about the harrowing effects of violence against women in our society. One week on from IWD, we are still blown away by the astounding statistics that, even as data experts, we struggle to grasp. The impact to victims of domestic violence really do touch on people of every culture, age, background, and socioeconomic status.

We were joined by Stephanie Callanan, Manager of the Australian White Ribbon Workplace Program for four years in the Sydney office, Richie Hardcore who is a Public Speaker, Educator and MC for Domestic Violence and on the Board of the White Ribbon in NZ who spoke in the Auckland office, Rob McCann, who has worked for White Ribbon for over 10 years and is currently the Manager for the New Zealand organisation, in the Wellington office, and Sunila Kotwal, the Diversity and Inclusion Manager for White Ribbon AUS, in Melbourne.

Those who attended these events learned more about the issue of men’s violence against women and many felt more empowered to play a part in driving awareness and contributing towards taking a stand against this type of violence. It was great to hear feedback that people’s perceptions and misconceptions had been altered as a result of attending these events -

Thank you, Stephanie, for a very honest and raw discussion about some very eye opening stats and facts on how common this issue really is in our society. As an associate who is not originally from Australia, I had the misconception that domestic violence doesn’t happen here. I was shocked to find that it does, and in several different ways.”

“It was an intense session where we got to discuss and hear more about the violence against women in different ways, making the topic feel closer to our own reality. The statistics were shocking and it changed my mindset in regards to how much can I contribute to making an impact against this.”

“It was a breath of fresh air to hear Richie talk so passionately and openly about 'masculinity' and how it can become 'toxic,' affecting relationships with women.I hope it made everyone think about how they can shape societies future by providing our young men with better, more varied role models."

We are proud of our commitment to supporting any of our Pacific associates experiencing domestic violence through our new Domestic Violence Family Leave policy. Launched on White Ribbon Day in 2018, the policy seeks to support associates who may be experiencing the effects of violence at home with up to 10 days paid leave. In addition, Nielsen offers an Employee Assistance Program in both Australia and New Zealand, supporting employees with free counseling and support for wellness related concerns, including family violence.


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