Health, safety, and wellbeing


Providing a safe and healthy workplace is a responsibility we take seriously. From fun initiatives like FITBIT® challenges to maintaining high safety standards, we give Associates our best so they can keep giving theirs. For this reason, all our sites are designed and operated to create a safe and positive working environment.

We strive to keep an incident-free workplace. Though accidents happen, we are making great progress. To help us, we expect all our operations to reach the highest standards in our Safety, Environmental Affairs and Security management system, and to engage every Associate in the process.


Keeping our Associates motivated, productive, happy and healthy isn’t just important — it's essential. We are committed to supporting their health and wellbeing through programs that are focused on improving nutrition, diet and physical activity. We also make sure to give them the right tools and resources so they can maintain a positive work-life balance.

Our approach differs from country to country and depends on local cultures, behaviors and health requirements. Check below to see some of the programs at our global headquarters and U.S. offices:

  • Healthy diets: To promote healthy diets, we offer nutrition and diet seminars and classes, online and print education materials, subsidized fruit and healthy meal/snack options in workplace cafes, nutrition information on menus, cooking classes, links to local fresh food markets and personalized nutrition services.
  • Active lifestyles: So our Associates can maintain active lifestyles, we offer online resources on healthy living, workplace gyms, personalized exercise plans, gym membership subsidies, workplace exercise clubs, on-site sports teams and sports challenges and promoting active habits, such as using stairs and walking and biking to work.
  • Healthy behaviors: Healthy behaviors are key to a happy workplace. Our Associates have access to regular healthy living and nutrition campaigns, prizes celebrating health-related progress, focusing on work-life balance, providing counseling sessions and by publishing articles written by senior Associates that describe healthy habits.

These programs are available to all Associates.


The Mars Australia “Believe” program — available at Mars Chocolate, Mars Food and Wrigley Australia — has three tiers depending on Associates’ needs:

  • Level 1 is an interactive online tool that provides Associates with a 52-week personal fitness and lifestyle improvement program.
  • Level 2 is a 40-minute, one-on-one health and fitness assessment.
  • Level 3 provides additional personal coaching and support for people with complex health risks.

Through the Believe program, we can better understand Associates’ health requirements and provide support where they need it most.