Earn competitive pay & benefits


There’s more to being in business than just making a profit. That idea is important to Mars, and it is something we try to live up to by providing opportunities for our Associates’ work to mean more, for themselves, their community and for the planet.

Our Associates make a difference every day, in the office and beyond. Check out how our Mars Volunteer Program and Mars Ambassador Program can help you reach out and impact the world.


At Mars, we share a passion for pets, and we know how important they can be in adding a sense of comfort to the work environment, improve productivity and grow company morale. Pet-friendly policies allow us to help others grow their own passion for pets. Most of our offices now welcome pets, and we are working toward all Mars Petcare Australian sites becoming pet-friendly with well-thought-out policies in place.


To get the best people, we know we need comprehensive pay and benefits. We outline how we reward committed and results-driven Associates in our annual Total Rewards Statements, which provide full details on every aspect of individual pay and benefits packages.

The packages we offer vary around the world according to local legal requirements and market conditions, but all are designed with the following aims in mind:

  • Associates are paid competitively
  • Associates and their families enjoy good health
  • Associates feel protected from the effects of catastrophic life events
  • Associates know that Mars respects lives outside work
  • Associates plan and prepare for retirement


Above-average wages are important for above-average performance. Mars uses a streamlined approach to pay Associates at all levels of the company, no matter where they are, so we can ensure we’re paying the best for the best. We aim for Associates’ total compensation to be in the top 25 percent when compared with similar competitors within the relevant surrounding area. We also perform annual benchmarks to adjust pay scales to make sure we’re hitting the mark. In return for above-average pay, we expect above-average performance from all of our Associates.


We want our Mars Associates and their families to enjoy the best health possible. To that end, our wellness initiatives help us all stay healthy, and when Associates or family members do become ill, we provide access to good quality, affordable healthcare to get them healthy fast. This makes good business sense — we want our Associates to be happy in life and at work. We also provide health and wellness programs to help Associates manage their work-life balance and stress levels.

The vast majority of Associates have financial protection covering sickness, disability and death. This package includes comprehensive short- and long-term disability programs and life insurance equal to three times gross annual salary plus target annual bonus.

We are committed to supporting parents inside and outside the workplace. Our flexible policies also allow Mars Associates time away from work to deal with life events. In addition, everyone needs time to relax and recharge, and we provide paid vacation time for all Associates. The amount of leave we provide varies based on each country's cultural and legal requirements.