Our Approach to People


The men and women of Lendlease are at the heart of our great organisation. They represent the best in the industry, driven by a passion to create the very best places.

We believe an inclusive work environment inspires employees to perform better which drives business growth. We further support our people by providing learning and development opportunities, which lead to higher performance and future career progression and we recognise and reward exceptional achievements.

In 2013, we conducted a global survey to understand the health and wellbeing needs and insights of our people. As a result, in 2014 we developed our Health and Wellbeing (HWB) Framework, which combines awareness, prevention, health solutions, lifestyle management and a support structure to empower our people to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing Leave

In 2015 we introduced industry leading wellbeing leave which encourages our people to take a proactive and preventative approach to their own health. Eligible employees are entitled to – and encouraged to take - three Wellbeing Leave days per year in addition to their statutory leave entitlements. In FY17, 66 per cent of our employees around the world took wellbeing leave.

Mental Health

Whilst we have a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, mental health has been a growing area of focus. A suite of mental health programs are now offered to all employees and their families, covering mind health, active intervention and recovery support. Mental Health First Aid training has become a cornerstone of these efforts with over 950 of our employees trained around the world to be competent in mental health first aid.

Volunteering and Community Partnerships

We encourage engagement with the communities in which we live and work, recognising our accountability for what we take, create and leave behind. For more than 30 years, the Lendlease Foundation, has provided an important vehicle for the Company to realise its community engagement and partnership objectives.

Our annual international event, Community Day, involves Lendlease employees all over the globe volunteering time and resources. This year over 5,000 people participated in Community Day across 262 projects, around the world. Our projects ranged from renovating buildings for those struggling with homelessness or domestic violence, to restoring important green spaces, and assisting children with special needs.

To recognise and reward the volunteering efforts of our employees, Lendlease Foundation runs Community Grants programs around the world to aid charities and communities in which our employees volunteer their time. In the Australian region this year alone, 20 community groups were given a much needed financial boost for addressing a pressing community need.

Paving the way for flexible working

In 2016, parts of our construction operations in Australia commenced a cultural change journey to ensure our sites are an enjoyable and healthy place to work for all. 

Restricted flexibility of work hours and practices and excessive hours were identified as key causes for industry wide issues including skills shortages and a lack of diversity. 

Employee workshops across Australia identified three key steps towards achieving greater flexibility: ensuring healthy hours of work; pioneering the ‘5 in 7’ work week; and promoting flexible work practices. 

Initially, we set limits on total hours of work and weekend work. In July 2017, we began to bid all jobs on the basis of a ‘5 in 7’ program (where all employees have two days rest in every seven). 

More than half the business has adopted the 5 in 7 approach, and already observing positive changes in attraction, retention, performance and morale of site based employees. 

Lendlease is leading an industry collaboration through the Australian Constructors Association to drive similar commitment to cultural change across all stakeholders in the industry.

5 in 7 - we've come a long way

More than 50% of our projects are currently experimenting in ways to work 5 in 7. That's a great achievement and a fantastic step in the right direction.

Together, we're changing our industry for the better. Let's keep it up!