Leading the Way in Gender Equity


Lendlease Group CEO and Managing Director Steve McCann gave a candid and honest speech on pay equity and gender reporting at a recent Property Council of Australia Diversity lunch.

The event promoted and discussed the progress and opportunities of building a diverse and inclusive property industry, and Steve was among a small panel who spoke on their experiences and leading the way in gender equity.

“I am a firm believer that what gets measured gets managed. Real-time access to data on gender diversity becomes hard to ignore and demands action,” Steve said.

At Lendlease, assessing gender equity in all areas of our business is an ongoing priority. Our actions include minimising bias in the processes for recruitment, promotion and pay, ensuring gender pay parity, and monitoring gender-based metrics to ensure accountability and change. We’re also providing focused support for both women and men with families.

The Property Male Champions of Change (PMCC), which Steve is part of, also released guidelines on gender pay equity in August which featured a Lendlease case study on pay parity. 

Equality of pay is an important issue for Lendlease. We have committed significant resources to understanding what causes gender pay gaps and how to best address them.

In addition to our annual like for like gender pay analysis, Lendlease actively monitors its ‘business as usual activities’ to identify hot spots and emerging issues related to remuneration gaps, such as the potential to import pay inequities through external hiring.

Lendlease also implemented a program of actions based on research and their findings, specifically the importance of communications, training and education to work toward closing any gender pay gaps. These included:

  • Regular employee communications about the gender pay gap review, its key findings and actions taken
  • Manager training to ensure recruitment and promotion processes are fair and equitable
  • Recruitment metrics for employee applications, shortlists, interviews and placements to track and identify potential gender pay disparity and gender balance issues in advance
  • Setting and reviewing gender-based targets on a quarterly basis for graduates, leadership programs, new hires and starting salaries
  • Embed unconscious bias and inclusive leadership training in key people manager development programs.

Lendlease will continue to focus on future improvements and monitoring and is looking to undertake a qualitative review of decision making by managers in 2018 to determine any additional actions.