Lakshmi Holmes advocates for flexible work arrangements in the name of better mental health and wellbeing

EY Australia

I’m a consultant based in Melbourne, but I work from EY Sydney when it suits me.

I had a conversation with my counsellor when I started at EY about the possibility of working from the Sydney office. I remember being so nervous it took me hours to muster up the courage just to ask the question! I think I felt I had a lot to prove before I could work flexibly. To my surprise, my counsellor thought it was a great idea and was glad I had asked.

Lakshmi Holmes is a PAS Consultant, working in the Global Mobility team and a prominent member of EY’s Unity Committee – a network for members of the LGBTQI+ community and their allies. For her, flexibility is key to a healthy, happy and diverse workforce. 

“I believe flexible work arrangements give people the opportunity to put their needs and values first, while ultimately still getting the job done. Allowing people to work flexibly also means we end up with teams full of people from all walks of life and with varying experiences. My own team at EY is made up of some awesome humans from diverse backgrounds, cultures and family types who each use flexibility as a tool for increasing their work/life balance.”

On a personal level, Lakshmi uses flexible working in two different ways. Her partner is currently based in Sydney, so working from the EY Sydney office from time to time gives her greater freedom to visit. She also leaves work early once a fortnight to volunteer at a local HIV/AIDS Legal Centre. 

“Flexibility in this sense gives me the chance to use some of my learnings at EY to give back to the community. Overall, I feel very grateful for the chance to work flexibly and the support from my team makes me happy to come to work and do my best.”

Lakshmi’s Flexpertise: 

“I would encourage people of any rank to explore the options for working flexibly where it works for them. You don’t need to fit a certain profile to work flexibly – taking steps to better your own wellbeing is important at any stage of life.”