Thomas Holland, EY Assurance

EY Australia

Before I started with EY in January 2018 I was nervous about how I was going to go from part-time university student and full-time athlete, to a full-time EY graduate and athlete. Fortunately for me though, I’m part of a remarkable team at EY and they’ve allowed me to balance both of the things I enjoy.

My usual day starts with a nice early 5.30am wake up, ready to tackle the long day. After a few (much-needed) coffees I arrive at the EY Brisbane office or a client site for an 8am start.

As a new graduate at EY in Assurance, I am usually given audit tasks that are lower-risk but still help the team flow. My responsibilities often include updating documents during planning, performing some of the testing during the audit execution stage, as well as double checking financial statements and workbooks. As a new starter, you’re learning very quickly on the job and it’s great to see how it all comes together. It’s a rewarding feeling knowing I’ve contributed to the work behind the numbers and that the team trust me to get the work done to a high standard, especially when it affects major business decisions.

I never thought work could both be so challenging but so enjoyable, whilst being vastly different to anything I’ve ever done before. Ultimately though it’s also a way to make new friends while learning new skills. When I applied for my position at EY I was anxious, worried and all kinds of nervous about how I was going to maintain my training commitments so I didn’t have to give up the sport I love, but the teams at EY are more than accommodating. After even more coffee and work, I pack up at around 5pm ready to head to training for my wheelchair basketball commitments. Once I’ve made it through the physically demanding training, it’s time to head home.

A usual day in my EY life provides challenges, learning, laughs, flexibility and comradery but ultimately it makes me who I am. I may only be 2 months into my time at EY but so far I’m definitely feeling the exceptional EY experience whilst trying my best to build a better working world.

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