Aligned with your values

Commonwealth Bank

Nichole Sessa, Executive Manager, Strategy, Enterprise Services

Mentoring and support, for women in particular, is very important here, but it’s not always limited to people working at CommBank, as Nichole recalls

“A recent graduate started to network with people here wanting to meet with women who’d been successful in the corporate world – to understand how they got there, what career and education path they’d taken and what lessons she could learn. Where you start your career is quite a critical decision – especially a place where the values align to what you believe in. That’s why I reached out to her to find out more about her needs and what I could do to assist her in entering the workforce. We met and I was able to give her more advice, helping her focus on where her skills would fit, tips for interviews, and I was able to give her good feedback and direction for self-study. We managed to keep in touch for a long time and eventually, when we did have a graduate analyst role that she was perfect for, she was our first choice.

“Service and collaboration are values I align with strongly and this proved to be a great opportunity to mentor someone to benefit her and the business.”