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Our Investments team has responsibility for managing more than 2.1 million members’ superannuation contributions, totaling more than $100 billion in member assets as at 30 June 2016. Investing across a diverse range of asset classes, our Investment team ensures that members long-term financial wellbeing is reflected in our investment philosophies and strategies. The Investments team is responsible for the selection of investment managers and increasingly managing direct investment portfolios. Monitoring investment activities and performance, the team is also accountable for the Fund’s investment performance and risk management and reports monthly to the Investment Committee.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services group covers operational accounting, statutory reporting, analysis of expenses and revenue, enterprise risk and compliance and facilities management. Working closely with our business, the Corporate Services team also assists the Fund in determining risks, priorities around business continuity and resilience in addition to internal audit responsibilities.

Strategy, People and Performance

Our Strategy, People and Performance group is responsible for enabling the business to execute our business strategies. Consisting of People and Culture, IT, Project Management Office and Strategy Performance and Analysis the group enables and creates a culture where our people have the necessary tools to deliver outstanding results for members.


The primary focus of the Membership group team is to generate opportunities for the Fund to increase its membership and funds under management. This includes corporate tenders, mergers, working with employers, unions and other strategic partners and product development. The four work streams within the Membership group are Growth, Growth Effectiveness, Business Partnerships and Product.

Service and Advice

The Service and Advice group is responsible for the day-to-day delivery and management of all member and employer services and administration. Service and Advice are centre stage in the management of all the commercial operations and contracts of the Fund as well as all Member servicing activities. The group manages the relationships with third party service providers and is a key in the delivery of all new products and services.

Marketing and Corporate Affairs

The Marketing and Corporate Affairs group are focused on managing and promoting the AustralianSuper brand, harnessing marketing insights of members. Core responsibilities include brand advertising, public relations, research and campaigns.