How to become an Aussie broker

From customer to broker in four weeks

In 2015, Sharon and Mark called Aussie for help to buy their next home. Mere weeks later, Sharon was sitting in Aussie’s state office completing broker training. This is her story.

“We came to Aussie looking for help to buy our next home after a long period of time being stuck out of the property market. We hadn’t had a good experience with a previous broker from a different group, so we rang Aussie because we knew it was reputable and hoped that they would be able to help us.”

They could! We had a fantastic experience with our Aussie Broker, John, and over the course of dealing with him we’d gotten to know each other well. I was working in retail merchandising at the time, but had been thinking that I needed a career change following a workplace injury. I also desperately wanted to find a fulfilling but flexible career that allowed me to have a better work life balance for myself and my family.

Throughout his time helping us with our loan, John saw that I was passionate about property, was naturally organised and curious about the home loan process. He knew I had worked in finance in a previous life before I had our daughter and started merchandising, so he made an off handed comment that I should become a broker myself.

A few days later, John’s comment was still echoing in my ears, so I rang him to find out more. John put me in touch with Jarrod (who is still my Aussie sales leader today!), and literally four weeks later I was at Aussie doing my broker induction and training. It all happened so quickly now that I reflect, but I haven’t looked back or regretted my decision once.

On October 10, 2015, I was fully accredited with Aussie, and I am now a mobile mortgage broker operating in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. I found the adjustment to mobile mortgage broking pretty easy because I was used to travelling around for work, and had always enjoyed that mobility and the flexibility of working for myself.

Being a mobile broker is certainly not your typical Monday to Friday, 9-5 job. But, it offers incredible flexibility for me to work around my family, and the potential, uncapped earnings are hugely attractive and a great incentive to really work hard to drive your own success. As a mortgage broker, the better you do, the better you do! It’s that simple. You really see the benefit of your hard work.

I love meeting new people and helping them get into their own homes. After being forced to sell our first home and then being stuck out of the property market for such a long time, John was invaluable in helping us to get back into the market, and I love that I am now doing the same thing for other people.

I really enjoy helping others to achieve their dreams, especially first home buyers, by educating them on the home loan process. Sometimes all people need is someone to sit down and listen and find a way to help them out.

The journey has been amazing; a big learning curve, a personal growth curve and hugely confidence building. Reflecting on where I started and looking at what I do today is really amazing. I settled $4.5 million in home loans for my customers in a recent month, and I’m achieving significant and sustainable business growth year on year. So as well as helping people, I am building a wonderful business for myself and my family.

If you think broking might be for you, chat to your broker about it. You never know, in four weeks’ time you could be sitting in an Aussie state office doing your broker training.

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