Your career development


Helping you reach your full potential matters to us - Because we know our success depends on yours. That's why you'll find all sorts of opportunities to help you grow your career your way at Allianz. From lunchtime career sessions and coaching to product training and leadership programs, there are plenty of ways to build your skills and stay challenged. 

New to Insurance?

If you haven't worked in insurance before, you may wonder how you'll fit into the Allianz workplace and what opportunities there will be for you. We understand that entering a new field can sometimes be challenging, even if you have years of work experience behind you, so we provide plenty of support to make your move to insurance smooth and comfortable.

We offer a variety of ways for you to get to know our business, including lunchtime career sessions, leadership exchange programs, company team briefings, and formal technical and insurance training.

Structured Induction Program

The Allianz Corporate Induction program provides you with important information about the company, such as our Vision, Strategy and Values, and will help you settle quickly into your career with Allianz.

Buddying and support

In some areas of our business, established buddy programs offer you support in the working environment to help you put the information and skills you've learned in training into a practical, everyday work scenario. The buddy program complements your formal induction - after all, who better to show you the ropes than someone who has been in your shoes?

Career Pathways


At Allianz, coaching is a collaborative, flexible and goal-focused relationship, helping you, as an employee, to identify and define how you can enhance your work performance. Your coach, whether it's your manager or someone else, will help to guide you towards your goals, by providing support and inspiration and sharing their own experience.

Target setting

We encourage employees to take ownership of their own career development, and so provide the opportunity for you to take an active role in setting your targets with your manager.

Career Planning

Allianz is committed to developing and supporting the careers of all its employees. For those who aspire to a mid to long-term career with Allianz, we encourage you to develop a plan of action to help you to achieve your future career goals.