Lara Poloni

CEO, Europe Middle East Africa and India


When Lara Poloni started with the business 23 years ago she was one of only three females in the office.  When her twins arrived, she was the first person in the company to take maternity leave. 

Lara has blazed a trail for women at AECOM and the broader industry ever since and in October 2017, after three and a half years as Australia and New Zealand CEO, Lara is moving to London to lead AECOM’s Europe Middle East Africa and India region.

Under Lara's leadership, AECOM has achieved exceptional profits and growth in Australia and New Zealand.  The company has also taken a huge step forward in achieving gender equality, with AECOM committing $1million in the last 2 years to help close the company's gender pay gap.  

AECOM has increased its percentage of senior female leaders (associate director and above) by around 30% and managed to achieve a 50:50 gender split in the most recent intake of 170 graduates.

AECOM was also recently recognised by Engineers Australia as the leading company on Gender Diversity.

Continuing her track record of 'company firsts', when Lara takes up her new post, she’ll be the only female leading one of the three regions in AECOM – US (45,000 employees), EMIA (22,000 employees) and Asia Pacific (12,000 employees), sitting on the executive leadership team with CEO Mike Bourke.

You can read more about Lara's London move on the AFR website here.