Manager Organisational Capability


We have had the pleasure of having Amelia, Manager Organisational Capability, in our organisation for over four years.

We sat down with Amelia to talk work, life, career and how you juggle it all.

Why is it important to enjoy and be proud of your role?

My work has always been a very important part of my identity, you spend most of your day, time and energy with your work colleagues, so it’s very important to enjoy their company and feel supported.

How do you juggle work-life balance?

When my son was born I never doubted I would come back to work. I find that personally, it is very important to pursue my career while raising my family. This organisation is very supportive of work-life balance ensuring that there is flexibility when the unexpected happens.

When I returned back from maternity leave I started four days a week. This year I started a new arrangement, a 9.5 day fortnight. Every second Friday I work from home in the morning and then have the afternoon off to spend with my son.

How important is it to continue to grow and become a leader?

I have been fortunate to have some great leaders who have encouraged me to explore new career opportunities, pursue my career goals and supported my development and now that I am a leader I am equally passionate about supporting others to achieve their career goals.